Influencia del viento en el comportamiento de búsqueda del alimento en un grupo de aves insectívoras forestales

Carrascal, L. M.


Influence of wind on the foraging behaviour of a guild of arboreal insectivorous birds
This work was carried away in a subalpine coniferous forest in Central Spain. Wind shifts the birds to the soil and to the lower and inner parts of the pine. Analyzing the use of space by means of Principal Component Analysisit has been found that species change more in the vertical axis of the forest (heights and soil; PC2) than on the horizontal component of the tree (trunk vs. foliage; PC1). The situation of species in PC1 and PC2 without wind explains the 97,4% of the shifts observed (r = 0,987, p < 0,05), although the situation in the vertical axis of the pine is the main responsible of these changes. The higher and outer the position of species in the tree without wind is, the bigger the shifts are.

Key words

Foraging shifts, Insectivorous birds, Multivariete analysis, Niche width, Overlap, Wind

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Index MZ volume 10 (1986)