Some interstitial species of the crustacean communities of the Ter and Ebre rivermouths (NE Spain)

Sabater, F.


This paper deals with the interstitial fauna of five seashore sites: one is located in the Ter rivermouth and four in the bre rivermouth. Since the studies of Angelier (1950) and Delamare-Debouteville (1953,1954) very few works have been carried out on this topic in the Catalan littoral. A number of interesting crustacea species (9 Harpacticoida, 5 Cyclopoida, 2 Cladocera and 2 Amphipoda) have been found. The majority of the identified Harpacticoida species (Psammastacus confluens, Parastenhelia spinosa, Nitocra spinipes) are new records for the Iberian Peninsula, and others (Parastenocaris sp. and Robertgurneya sp.) are likely to be new species.

Key words

Crustacea, Harpacticoida, Interstitial fauna, Rivermouth, Psammolittoral

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Índex MZ volume 10 (1986)