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Anisorrectricilia en el Verderón Serrano (Serhus ciirinell Pallas)

Borrás, A., Senar, J. C.


Anisorectricily in the Cinil Finch (Ser inus citrinella Pallas)
An anisorectricial Citril Finch was trapped on the 10th of February 1985.11 had five rectrices on the left side, 2nd eight on the right, the external three of the right side still growing (stage 3). This is a unique case found from more than 700 Citril Finches ringed during a period af seven years.

Key words

Serinus cirinella, Citril Finch, Anisorectricily

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MZ volume 09 (1985) mz