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Ascidias delcabo de Creus (Costa NE española)

Turon, X.


Ascidians from Cap of Creus (NE coast of Spain)
During 1980-81, the benthos of the NE coast of Spain was studied by the team of the project “Programa de Bentos Cabo de Creus”. A list of the twenty-two ascidian species found during this research is given. They were coilected by SCUBA diving of infra and circalitoral levels. They occurred on hard substrata and Posidonia oceanica beds. Sorne notes concerning systematic, ecological and biogeographical aspects of this group are exposed in order to increase the knowledge of the ascidian fauna of the Northern coast of Western Mediterranean.

Key words

Ascidians, Systernatics, Faunistic, NE Spain

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MZ volume 09 (1985) mz