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Contribución al estudio de las Tortugas marinas en las costas españolas. I. Distribución

Pascual, X.


Contribution to the study of marine Turtles on spanish coasts. 1. Distribution
An extensive compilation of the available literature regarding marine Turtles on the Spanish coasts have been completed, giving at the same time further unpublished observations. The 99 references obtained are shared between Dermochelys coriacea, Caretta caretta, Chelonia mydas and Eretrnochelys imbricata, this last record being especially meaningful because it is the first one in the littoral of the Iberian Peninsula. The lack of direct observations and literature references concerning Lepidochelys kempii wich could prove in a unquestionable way their presence on the peninsular coast, is remarked. Finally, the author discusses the present status of the marine Turtles on the spanish coast.

Key words

Marine Turtles, Distribution, Spain

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