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Datos sobre la reproducción del pato colorado Netta rufina (Pallas, 1773) en el Delta del Ebro

Llorente, G. A., Ruiz, X.


Data on the breeding biology of the Red-crested Pochard, Netta rufina (Pallas, 1773) in the Ebro Delta
Information on the breeding biology of the Red-crested Pochard (Netta rufina) in the Ebro Delta (NE Spain) is presented in this paper. Data were gathered during 1980-82. Eighteen nests were visited at weekly intervals until hatching or predation. Nest depth and egg dimensions in the Ebro Delta tend to be smaller, and the incubation period at the lower limit of rank gathered from other localities. Clutch size is similar to those of the Marismas del Guadalquivir (SW Spain) and Germany, but hatching success is considerably greater in the Ebro Delta than in the Marismas. Initial brood size is larger in the Delta, but later on comparable to that of the other localities.

Key words

Netta rufina, Nests, Eggs, Clutch size, Brood size, Ebro Delta

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