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Fertilidad de la Avutarda (Otis tarda L.) en Villafáfila (Zamora) en 1984

Ena, V., Martínez, A.


Fertility of the Great Bustard (Otis tarda L.) in Villafafila (Zamora, Spain) in 1984
The fertility of a resident population of 450 Great Bustards in Villafáfila (Zamora) is studied. Two simultaneous methods of work are used: localization of nests and visualization of hens with chicks. The predation percentage on nests is of 50%. Clutch-size is 2.46 eggs / nest. The mortality of chicks up to two months old is 42.15% and the total fertility (chicks / hen) is of 0.67. The majority of losses during the breeding season is due to agricultura1 machinery, and measures to avoid losses are necessary.

Key words

Fertility, Great bustard, Otis tarda, Spain

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