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Harpactocrates meridionalis n. sp. (Arachnida, Araneae), un disdérido nuevo dela fauna Ibérica

Ferrández, M. A., Martín, J. L.


Harpactocrates meridionalis n. sp. (Arachnida, Araneae), a new Disderidae from the Iberian fauna
A new species of the genus Harpactocrates of the Iberian fauna is described: H. meridionalis. It has been coliected in some localities in Málaga province. This capture of H. mendionalis increases notably the distribution of the genus and becomes the most meridional of its records. H. mendionalis is near the most occidental group of species of the genus (H. gurdus, H. ravastellus and H. radulifer), which are only distributed on the mountains of the Iberian Penninsula. Male ans female genitalia are illustrated.

Key words

Harpactocrates mendionalis n. sp., Arachnida, Iberian Peninsula

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MZ volume 09 (1985) mz