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Hidropólipos de la costa norte del Cabo de Creus (NE Cataluña)

Gili, J. M., Castelló, G.


Hydroids of the north coast of Cape of Creus (NE Spain)
A collection of 42 species of hydroids is presented and discussed. The specimens were obtained from punctual samples (20 x 20 cm) in 9 stations, with depths ranging from 0-20 m, during different seasons of the year. The systematic, faunistic and ecological features are discussed, particulary the strategies of colonization of the substrat, and the biogeographical distribution along the catalonian coast. The uniformity of the hydroid distribution on the Mediterranean catalan coast is shown.

Key words

Hydroidea, Systematic, Faunistic, Catalan coast, Spain

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MZ volume 09 (1985) mz