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Lista de los tipos de Mecoptera y Neuroptera (Insecta) de la colección L. Navàs, depositados en el Museo de Zoología de Barcelona

Monserrat, V. J.


List of Mecoptera and Neuroptera (Insecta) types belonging to the collection of L. Navàs kept in the Zoology Museum of Barcelona
L. Navàs (1858-1938) described 374 genera, 2.174 species and 301 varieties of Neuroptera. Most of these descriptions are neither accurate nor complete, which has created a great deal of confusion when studying the taxonomy and systematics of this order on insects. Although some of the types described by Navàs are kept in several museum, most ot them remained in his own collection, which since his dead has been so much damaged, that hardly any of it is left. Part of his collection was saved and is kept in the Zoology Museum of Barcelona. The history of the Navàs collection and a list of the 404 types left from it are presented, to help in future revisions of this group.

Key words

Mecoptera, Neuroptera, Navàs collection

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