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Nuevos o interesantes Chthoniidae cavernícolas del País Valenciano (Arachnida, Pseudoscorpiones)

Zaragoza, J. A.


New or interesting cavernicolous Chthoniidae from the País Valenciano (Arachnida, Pseudoscorpiones)
Some cave species of Chthoniidae are recorded from the País Valenciano (Spain). Complementary description of Chthonius (E.) ventalloi Beier is given based on new
topotypical specimens. Chthonius (E.) pinai and Chthonius (E.) sendrai are described as new species. Chthonius (E.) siculus Beier is recorded for the first time for Spain. For the first time, the presence of sensiilum on the external surface of movable chelal finger is reported for the subgenus Ephippiochthonius. Comparisons with similar structures of other general of Chthoniidae are discussed.

Key words

Pseudoscorpiones, Chthoniidae, Cavernicolous, Sensillum, Paísvalenciano, Spain

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MZ volume 09 (1985) mz