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Acción gonadotrófica de la hormona juvenil en hembras de Blattella germanica alatectomizadas o sometidas a ayuno prolongado

Piulachs, M. D.


Gonadotrophic action of juvenile hormone III on females of Blattella germanica either allatectomized or long-term starved
In Blattella germanica both, starvtion and allatectomy, determine an inhibition of oocyte development that can be corrected by a topical application of the gonadotrophic hormone of this species, juvenile hormone III (JH III). While a single dose of 10 µg of JH III is enough to induce for allatectomized females a normal gonadotrophic cycle, two doses of 10 µg administered according to a physiological pattern are necessary for starved females. The results obtained suggest that stawation in B. germanica induces a dual effect on vitellogenesis, i.e. determining a low concentration of nutrients (thus making more difficult the vitellogenin synthesis), and inducing a low activity on the corpora allata (which release JH at lower rates).

Key words

Blattella germanica, Juvenile hormone, Starvation, Allatectomy

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz