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Análisis biogeográfico de los anfibios de la vertiente sur de la Cordillera Bética

Antúnez, A., Real, R.


Biogeographical analysis of the Amphibians in the southern valleys of the Betic Cordiller
Amphibian distribution in the southern area of Betic Mountains was analysed on the basis of presence-absence data in 180 UTM squares of 10 x 10 km. Selection along three gradients (longitude, elevation and rainfall) was quantified by the barycentre and the habitat amplitude of the 11 species ocurring in the region. Orographic and climatic variations in the area give rise to a pattern of distribution sustained by correlation between barycentres and amplitudes. In accordance with this pattern, not found in Alytes obstetricans, the distribution areas are more or less continuous in the west, the eastwards occurrence being variable according to three groups of species. Triturus marmoratus, Pleurodeles waltli and Pelobates cultripes are the most stenotopic species, and Bufo bufo, Bufo calamita and Rana perezi the most eurytopic ones.

Key words

Amphibians, Biogeography, Ecology, Iberian Peninsula, Betic Cordillera

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz