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Datos morfológicos y morfométricos del tracto alimentario de peces del Canal de Beagle

Matallanas, J.


Morphological and morphometrical data on the alimentary tract offishes frorn the Beagle Channel
A morphological and morphometrical study of the alimentary tract of 14 species of subantarctic fishes (C. gobio, E. rnaclovinus, D. eleginoides, P. cornucola, P. tessellata, P. longipes longipes, P. I. ramsayi, P. magellanlca, P. angustata, H. georgianus, Ch. esox, A. depressiceps, M. magellanicus and S. fueguensis) is presented. All these species have a Y-shaped stomach, with the only exception of A. depressiceps whose stomach is I-shaped. All the Notothenioidei studied, except the juvenile specimens of E. maclovinus, have an intestinal pattern of the type B, described by Mok (1980), and its relative length is remarkably similar (53 to 67%). The intestinal pattern of A. depressiceps changes with size until reaching the ST type (Mok, 1980) of the adults. The intestinal pattern of M. magellanicus and S. fueguensis belongs, respectively, to the B and T types. The relative intestine length in all specimens (39 to 67%) fits into the limits described in the literature for carnivorous fishes.

Key words

Morphology, Morphometry, Alimentary tract, Subantarctic fishes

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz