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El género Silisoptinus Pic, 1917 (Coleoptera, Ptinidae)

Bellés, X.


The genus Silisoptinus Pic, 1917 (Coleoptera, Ptinidae)
The monospecific genus Silisoptinus Pic is redescribed, jointly with its species S.singularicolis Pic, endemic to Zanzibar. Several characters which were not detected by Pic indicate possible affinities of Silisoptinus Pic with the genus Xylodes Waterhouse, from Madagascar and other islands in the western Indian ocean, and with the genus Prosternoptinus Bellés from the neotropical region (Brazil and Venezuela).

Key words

Systematics, Coleoptera, Ptinidae, Silisoptinus singularicollis Pic, Zanzíbar

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz