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Estudio ultraestructural del esporocisto hijo de Proctoeces maculatus (Digenea, Fellodistomatidae). Estructuras vesículo-membranosas del tegumento

Ferrer, J. R.


Ultrastructural study of the daughter sporocyst of Proctoeces maculatus (Digenea, Fellodistomatidae).
Vesicle-membranous structures of the tegument

The sac-like daughter sporocyst of Proctoeces maculatus, parasite of the mussel, has a tegument, the ultrastructural features of which correspond to digestive and absortive functions. The external membrane of the tegument, increased by the presence of the microvilli-like or intercrossed and anastomosed projections, depends on the body region. In both cases, these projections are overlayed by a glycocalix on the apical and lateral sides. Below them, there are numerous endocytic vesicles. Apart from these vesicles, the tegumentary matrix contains mitochondriae and flattened cisternae of endoplasmic reticulum. The tegument extends on a basal lamina, below which two muscular layers have been shown. The basal lamina and the muscle layers are crossed by cytoplasmic communications between the tegument and the parenchyma, where the endocytic vesicles are canalized. The birth pore, situated atan apex of the larva, is lined by a tegument the outer membrane of which also forms microvilli-like projections, and the matrix of which is filled by light vesicles.

Key words

Proctoeces rnaculatus, Daughter sporocyst, Tegument, Ultrastructure

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz