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Haushia marinae gen. n., sp. n. (Osteichthyes, Zoarcidae), capturada en la Isla de los Estados (Argentina)

Lloris, D.


Haushia marinae n. gen., n. sp. (Osteichthyes, Zoarcidae), caught in Estados Island (Argentina)
During a sampling cruise carried out on March 1985 by the research vessel «AUSTRAL» in the surroundings of the Estados Island (Southwestern Atlantic), some ichthyological material was caught, including a small Zoarcidae specimen. The usual ichthyologic treatment showed that features did not match any specific or generic characters known in the family and, consequently a new genus and species Haushia marinae, is described here. The characters of the new genus are: Zoarcidae with pelvic fins; naked (scaleless) skin; mouth terminal, surrounded by dermal tentacles; without palatal membrane; gil1 opening above pectoral fin base; pseudobranchiae absent.

Key words

Pisces, Osteichthyes, Zoarcidae, Haushia marinae, SW Atlantic, Tierra del Fuego

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