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Heterópteros de la zona de Algeciras (Cádiz). V

Ribes, J.


Heteroptera from Algeciras area (Cadiz). V
The Heteropteran fauna from Algeciras, the southernmost area of the Iberian Peninsula, has been studied by Ribes (1967,1971,1974,1979). Here, 45 species are added and two removed from the previous list, and so the total number of species is now 317. The most interesting North-African species are studied Psallus ancorifer lividus Rt., Catoplatus mamorensis Bg., Physatocheila delicatula Hv. and Aneurus avenius mimeuri Vd. stat. n. A complete description of A. a. mimeuriis given and its subspecific status is argued. The fifth nymphal instar of the Aradidae Calisius ghilianii (C.) is illustrated for the first time. The synonymy of Elasmucha grisea (L.) = E. grisea antennata (Rt.) is established.

Key words

Heteroptera, Faunistics, Algeciras, Spain

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