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Influencia de la presión urbana sobre la comunidad de aves de un encinar ibérico (Quercus rotundifolia)

Sánchez, A., Tellena, J. L.


Influence of urban pressure on the bird community of un iberian evergreen oak forest (Quercus rotundifolia)
The frequential sampling method was used to compare the bird communities of rural evergreen oak woodlands with that of a suburban evergreen oak forest. The abundance of hole-nesting birds was much higher in the suburban bird community, while the importance of species nesting on more vulnerable substrata (ground, shrubs) was reduced. In relation with trophic preferences, an important reorganization of the two insectivore bird guilds takes place, favouring the holenesters (tits). However, the other guilds (granivorous and omnivorous birds) do not change so much. The degradation of the herbaceous layer can be a limiting factor for the ground foraging birds.

Key words

Bird community, Evergreen oak, Forest, Urbanization

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz