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Nuevas especies de Odontella (Superodontella) (Collembola, Odontellidae) de Navarra (N. de la Península Ibérica)

Arbea, J. I.


New species of Odontella (Superodontella) (Collembola, Odontellidae) from Navarra (Northern Iberian Peninsula)
Two new species and a new subspecies are described. Odontella (Superodontella) dilatata n. sp. relates to the gladiolifer group, but differs in the sensilar chaetotaxy of antennal segment IV. The other two new taxa belong to the lamellifera group. Odontella (Superodontella) selgae n. sp., is closely related to Odontella vallvidrerensis Selga, 1966, but differs from the latter in the chaetotaxy of body, labium, and antennal segments III and IV. Odontella (Superodontella) vallvidrerensis subalpina n. ssp., is closely related to the principal species but can be recognized by the number of dental setae (3 in the new subspecies instead 4 in principal species).

Key words

Collembola, Odontellidae, Odontella, Superodontella, Ibenan Peninsula

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