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Nuevos datos sobre anóbidos ibéricos (Col., Anobiidae)

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New data on Anobiidae from the Iberian Peninsula (Col.)
The presence of some outstanding Anobiidae in the Iberian Peninsula is reported. One of them, Hadrobregmus bicolor n. sp., a typically Baetic-Riffian element, has been found in Serranía de Ronda (Málaga) on Abies pinsapo, on whose wood it develops. From the systematic point of view, its morphology is surprisingly distant from that of its geographic neighbour H. carpetanus (Heyden). It is instead related to H. denticollis (Creutzer), which is a domestic species, very rare in Spain, and only known from Vall d’Aran (N. Pyrenees).

Key words

Hadrobregmus bicolor n. sp., Anobiidae, Systematics

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