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Oochoristica agamae Baylis, 1919 (Eucestoda, Linstowiidae) in one reptile and two bat species from Nsukka (Anambra State, Nigeria)

Okafor, F. C.


The same cestode parasite was recovered from the small intestines of different insectivorous hosts: a lizard Agama agama, two bats Tadarida chaeraphon nigeriae (Thomas, 1913) and Hipposideros caffer tephrus (Cabrera, 1906) at Nsukka. Various measurements and observations on gross anatomy (eg. number and arrangement of the ovary, dimensions of the cirrus sac, etc.) show that al1 specimens of the parasites belong to the same species. The different hosts feed on a common intermediate host in the same environment which may account for
this phenomenon. The prevalence of the worms and the intensity of infection in the three hosts are also presented. There is a significantly high prevalence in the males, but no explanation for this trend is given.

Key words

Oochoristica agamae, Eucestoda, Parasite, Nigeria

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