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Prionospio multibranchiata (Polychaeta, Spionidae), Notomastus aberans y N. formianus (Polychaeta, Capitellidae) en el litoral de la Península Ibérica

Capaccioni-Azzati, R.


Prionospio multibranchiata (Polychaeta, Spionidae), Notomastus aberans and N. formianus (Polychaeta, Capitellidae) in the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula
Prionospio multibranchiata Berkeley, 1927 (sensu Mackie, 1984), Notomastus aberans Day, 1957 and Notomastus formianus Eisig, 1887 are recorded for the first time to the Iberian Peninsula. They were collected in shallow soft bottoms of a paralic system at Alfaques Inlet (Ebro Delta, Western Mediterranean Sea). For each species a check list of synonymies and comments on its systematics and morphology are presented. Their habitats in the inlet are discussed and compared with previous extrapeninsular records. Provisional distribution for each species is proposed.

Key words

Polychaeta, Faunistics, Paralic system, Iberian Peninsula

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz