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Pugons (Homoptera, Aphidoidea) de la província d’Alacant. II. Aphididae

González-Funes, P., Michelena, J. M.


Aphids (Homoptera, Aphidoidea) from theprovince of Alacant. II. Aphididae
Aphids of spontaneous plants from the province of Alacant are studied. Eighty-two species belonging to the family Aphididae have been detected. Aphidura mingens Pintera, 1970 y Dysaphis (Dysaphis) vandesboschi Stroyan, 1970 are new records for the Iberian Peninsula. Eighty-four new host plant-aphid and 15 new aphid-parasitoid relations for Spain, are given.

Key words

Aphididae, Homoptera, Host-plants, Parasitoids, Iberian Peninsula

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz