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Tácticas de búsqueda del alimento del Reyezuelo Listado (Regulus ignicapillus) durante el invierno

Carrascal, L. M., Tellería, J. L.


Foraging tactics of Firecrests (Regulus ignicapillus) during winter
Firecrests concentrated their foraging effort on lichen where food density was higher than in bark surfaces of branches. Branches without lichens were used marginally. When foraging on lichens, Firecrests used the most energetically expensive searching methods (hovering and hanging). This result may be a trade-off between searching costs and net intake rate in rich food resources, and it agrees with predictions derived from Norberg’s model(1977).

Key words

Deciduous forest, Firecrests, Regulus ignicapillus, Optimal patch use, Searching methods, Winter

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MZ volume 12 (1988) mz