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Cerocosmus cinereus Solier, un curioso Anobiidae (Coleoptera) de la fauna chilena

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Cerocosmus cinereus Solier, a remarkable Anobiidae (Coleoptera) from the Chilean fauna
New data largely based on the study of the aedeagus are presented on the systematic position and the faunistic affinities of the Chilean Anobiidae (Coleoptera) Cerocosmus cinereus Solier. This species has an aberrant morphology and its systematic position is not clear. It is related with genera Paralobium Fall and Xeranobium Fall from the Arnerican fauna which belong respectively to the subfamilies Emobiinae and Anobiinae. These results prove anomalies in the present arrangement of the family affecting both subfamilies, which are conspicuously heterogeneous.

Key words

Cerocosmus cinereus, Morphology, Systematics, Chile

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MZ volume 13 (1989) mz