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Clave para la identificación de los murciélagos de la Peninsula Ibérica (Mammalia, Chiroptera)

Paz, O., Benzal, J.


Identification key of the bats of the Iberian Peninsula (Mammalia, Chiroptera)
In Europe and the Iberian Peninsula only insectivorous bat species included in the suborder Microchiroptera do occur. In Spain 25 species belonging to the following four families can be found: Rhinolophidae (1 genus, 4 species); Molossidae (1 genus, 1 species); Miniopteridae (1 genus, 1 species) and Vespertilionidae (6 genera, 19 species). This work deals with an identification key for the Spanish bat species. As there are two dBerent situations under which one can need to identify a bat, two different keys are offered in this paper: one is based on morphometric characters to identfy life bats and the other one on cranial and dental features to identify skeletal remains. Since variations due to sex and age can cause confusion during the identification proccess, features and biometric data given in these keys are only for adult individuals.

Key words

Key, Identification, Bats, Iberian Peninsula

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MZ volume 13 (1989) mz