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Datos sobre el régimen alimentario del Cárabo (Strix aluco L.) en la provincia de León (NO de España)

Alegre, J., Hemández, A., Purroy, F. J.


Data on the diet of the Tawny Owl (Strix aluco L.) in the province of León (NW Spain)
In the province of León there are significant differences between the diet (smail mammals) of S. aluco at high altitude localities (1,150-1,200 m) and in a zone with superior mediterranean influence at lower altitude (895 m). Sorex coronatus, Sorex minutus and Neomys anomalus are typical species captured at high altitude and Mus spretus at lower altitude, where Crocidura sp. is the best represented in the diet. The number of small mammal species captured and the trophic breadth increase with altitude. The influence of the microhabitats is not discarded.

Key words

Strix aluco, Diet, Altitude, León, Spain

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