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La colección de Tortricidae Latreiile, 1803 del Museu de Zoologia de Barcelona. Chlidanotinae y Tortricinae (Lepidoptera)

Baixeras, J.


The collection of Tortricidae Latreille, 1803 of the Museu de Zoologia of Barcelona. Chlidanotinae and Tortricinae (Lepidoptera)
The Museu de Zoologia of Barcelona has an interesting collection of Lepidoptera with more than 600 specimens of Tortricidae, 279 belonging to the subfamilies Chlidanotinae and Tortricinae and the rest of them to the Olethreutinae. The majority of these specimens were collected at the beginning of the 20th century in Catalonia by very known entomologists and certain part of the collection comes from the Central Europe and even Epstern Europe. In this article a complete revision of this material with records of 83 species of Tortricidae is given.

Key words

Lepidoptera, Tortricidae, Catalonia, Museu de Zoologia, Barcelona

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MZ volume 13 (1989) mz