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Loxocalyx leptoclini (Entoprocta), epibionte de ascidias en el litoral NE español

Turon, X.


Loxocalyx leptoclini (Entoprocta), epibiont on ascidians from the Spanish NE shores
The occurrence of an entoproct species living epizoically on some colonial ascidians (Didemnidae and Polycitoridae) from Spanish Mediterranean waters is reported. A description of this entoproct, identified as Loxocalyx leptoclini (Harmer, 1885), is presented. It has appeared on a regular basis only on Polysyncraton lacazei (Didemnidae). Studies on the seasonality of this association have been carried out. Proliferation of the entoproct seems restricted to the cold season.

Key words

Entoprocta, Epibiosis, Ascidians, NE Spain

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MZ volume 13 (1989) mz