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Possible effects of microhabitat availability on lizard diversity and density at Baja California Sur

Ortega-Rubio A,, Álvarez-Cárdenas S., Galina-Tessaro P.


Microhabitat preferences of the lizard species of two guilds at Baja Califomia Sur (México), in which several Baja endemic species occur were analyzed and compared. Differences in substrate availability and vegetation structure between both habitats were also studied. Important differences in species diversity, population size, niche breadth and spatial overlaps were found between both guilds. Higher lizard diversity, population numbers and spatial niche overlap were associated with greater microhabitat diversity and complexity. The effect of spatial resource use on the structure of these guilds is discussed.

Key words

Diversity, Density, Lizards, Microhabitat availability, Spatial resource partitioning

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MZ volume 13 (1989) mz