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Reproducción de la Gaviota Argéntea de Patas Amarillas (Larus cachinnans) en la Isla del Descubridor (Alicante)

Barba, E., Garrigues, R.


Reproduction of the Yellow Legged Gull (Larus cachinnans) in the Descubridor Island (Alicante)
Some aspects of the breeding ecology of the YeUow Legged Gull Larus cachinnans were studied during 1986. The island was usually visited once a week during the breeding season. Sixty-one nests were found. The first egg was laid the 28th of March, the last egg hatched 45 days later, and all the young were able to fly by te 3rd of July. Forty three percent of the nests (n = 42) had an «awning» of vegetation over them. The mean clutch size was 2.8 eggs (n = 51 nests), and an average of 2.4 eggs hatched in nests where ar least one egg hatch (n = 28 nests). Productivity was, at least, of 0.7 fledghg per breeding pair.

Key words

Larus cachinnans, Clutch size, Nest placement, Breeding success, Southeastem Spain

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