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Zoogeography and habitat distribution of earthworms (Lumbricidae) and enchytraeids (Enchytraeidae) of the Carpathian Mountains (Poland)

Kasprzak, K.


Among earthworms living in the Carpathian Mountains numerous species are megaporeutic and peregrine and of the Alpine-Dinaro-Carpathian type distribution. Four zoogeographical groups of enchytraeids can be distinguished: European, North-European, cosmopolitan and Palaearctic species. Most species of enchytraeids are eurytopic or polytopic, and only few are associated with defmite habitat types. Specific fauna of earthworms live in Carpathian beech woods. The most abundant species are soil dwellers (geophagous) and those living above soil surface (litter species).

Key words

Lumbricidae, Enchytraeidae, Zoogeography, Distribution, Mountains

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MZ volume 13 (1989) mz