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Six new heterocoptid mites (Acari, Astigmata, Heterocoptidae) associated with Cassidinae and Eumolpinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) frorn Indo-Australian Region

Haitlinger, R.


Bahrucoptes amaliae n. sp. obtained from Aspidomorpha elevata (Fabricius) from Malaysia; a species with very thick tarsus IV and tibia IV, opisthosoma with four lobes; the new genus Bahrucoptes is described for this species. Uvallicoptes peeteri n. sp. obtained from Aspidomorpha adherens salomonina Spaeth from Solomon Islands, a species with narrow opisthosoma enlarged at its posterior margin and without adanal suckers; for this species the new genus Uvallicoptes is described. Tannuicoptes ulfi n. sp. obtained from Aspidomorpha dorcata (Fabricius) from India, a species with narrow opisthosoma, dorsum partly covered by transverse lines and tarsus IV shorter than the others; for this species the new genus Tannuicoptes is described. T. jeroni n. sp. obtained from Corynodes compressicornis Fabricius from Indonesia. Heterocoptes ingeri n. sp. obtained from Laccoptera tredecimguttata Wagener from Phillippines, a species with concave posterior margin of opisthosoma and H. simonettae n. sp. obtained from Aspidomorpha punctata (Fabricius) from Papua New Guinea.

Key words

Acari, Heterocoptidae, Indo-Australian Region, New species

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MZ volume 22.1 (1999) mz