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Publications of The Board of Natural Sciences

The Board of Natural Sciences played a significant role in bringing together institutions involved in promoting natural sciences in the city of Barcelona. The publications endorsed by the Board are an excellent testimony to the importance acquired by this body and the avant-garde vision it displayed with regard to the relationship between developed societies and respect for natural resources, fundamentally in the 1920s. Included in this section are publications from the Board from between 1910 and 1937, earlier publications from Barcelona City Council (1888-1899) and other contemporary publications from the Barcelona Natural Science Museum (1922-1928) and also later publications: those of the Municipal Institute for Natural Sciences (1947-1957), an institution that continued with the Board’s functions following the Civil War. All of this scientific production is very varied in terms of content (geology, palaeontology, mineralogy, petrology, entomology, botany, malacology, vertebrates, herpetology, etc.) and it also contains reports and both technical and popular science publications.