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El género Prozercon Sellnick, 1943 en la Península Ibérica y descripción de tres nuevas especies (Acari, Mesostigmata, Zerconidae)

Moraza, M. L.


[:en]The genus Prozercon Sellnick, 1943 in the Iberian Peninsula and description of three new species (Acari, Mesostigmata, Zerconidae)
Three new species of the genus Prozercon are described: P. tellecheai n. sp., P. juanensis n. sp. and P. escalai n. sp. They have been found in forest of Pinus nigra and Larix kaempferi in Navarra (North of Spain). Aditionally, new localities for P. fimbriatus, P. lutulentus and P. ornatus are presented. Prozercon teleccheai n. sp., is recognised by the following characters: jl, z6, s5 and marginal podonotal setae pubescent; gdZI (Po2) lateral to S2, gdZ3(Po3) lateral to Z3 and gdZ4 (Po4) closed to S5. P. juanensis n. sp., is recognised by: jl and marginal podonotal setae, except s2, plumose; setae Zx present; setae R2-R7smooth and spine like setae; RI pubescent; setae S2 smooth and rest o opisthonotal setae plumose; gdZl antiaxial to ZI-Z2; gdZ3 antiaxial to Z3-Z4: gdZ4 in line Z4-Z5 and opisthonotal pits absent. P. escalai n. sp., is recognised by: podonotal setae pubescent except j5; all opisthonotal setae pubescent; setae Jl-Jx, Z1-Z4 and S2-S5 on dorsal opisthonotal «hunchs»; gdZ6 anterior to Z1; gdZI antiaxial to S2; gdZ3 paraxial to Z2-Z3, gdZ4 paraxial and posterior to S5 and opisthonotal pits absent.

Key words

Acari Mesostigmata, Systematics, Iberian Peninsula

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