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Behavioural repertoire of adult silvery marmosets Callithrix a. argentata and Callithrix a. melanura

Omedes, A.


Qualitative data were coiiected on the behaviour of adult Callithrix a. argentata and C. a. melanura marmosets. 71 behaviour patterns of locomotion, pestures, facial expresión, head movements, ear positions and movements, tail positions, interaction with objects, social contact, grooming and scent marking activities and display were defined. The behavioural repertoire of both subspecies, the situations in which the behaviour patterns were present and the differences between both subspecies in these respects are described. Silvery marmosets have an extensive behavioural repertoire of which facial expressions, postures and patterns involving piloerection are the main components. Situations can be identified by the patterns displayed. Aggressive and defensive patterns are distinctive. The differences observed between both subspecies were mainly during sexual interactions and displays of aggression either to conspecifics or to humans. It may be sated that C. a. argentanta and C. a. melanura can be designated as subspecies on criteria based on the differences they show in their means of communication.

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MZ volum 07 1981 (1983) mz