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Fauna herpetològica de les serralades exteriors del Pre-pirineu occidental de Catalunya

Maluquer-Margalef, J.


Some aspects of the herpetofauna of an area of the exterior mountain-chain of Western Catalan Pre-Pyrenees are analized. This area is a transition from dry Mediterranean plain -influenced by continental climate- to middle Mediterranean mountain- with eurosiberian influence-. Although characteristic Mediterranean elements (ibero-mogrebian) prevail, this transition character appears also in herpetology. The most representative species of both areas are: Euproctus asper (from the Pyrenees), Anguis fragilis, Vipera aspis (of central Europe) and Pelobates cultripes, Coluber hippocrepis, Psammodromus hispanicus (of ibero-mogrebian origin). In this area 22 species have been found: 8 Amphibians and 14 or 15 Reptiles (depending on the acceptance of the presence of Podarcis muralis).

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MZ volum 07 1981 (1983) mz