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Nota sobre la invernada de Chlidonias hybrida (Pallas) (Aves, Sternidae) en el Mediterráneo Ibérico

Carrera, E., Martínez, A., Motis, A., Pardo, R.


This article deals with 15 obsewations of Wiskered Tern in winter along the Mediterranean coastline of Spain during the period of 1978-1983. This data together with the obsewations of Erard & Vielliard (1966) and Isemann (1972) confirm that the species regularly spends the winter in the Ebro Delta and the Albufera of Valencia, in smallgroups and that probably the majority are first year birds born in tlie same places, as has been indicated by ringing.

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MZ volum 07 1981 (1983) mz