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Nuevos datos sobre heterópteros de las Islas Canarias

Ribes, J.


The information published hitherto on the description of the Heteroptera from the Canary Islands is presented. This paper includes 34 species; one on them is described for the fiist time (Dicyphus baezi n. sp.), nine have not been found before in the archipelago (Plagiorrhama concolor (Rt.), Coranus mateui Wgn., Aptus mimicoides (O.C.), Emblethis duplicatus Seid., Emblethis angustus Mtd., Peritrechus gracilicomis Pt., Menaccarus ovalis (Pt.), Sphostethus tristriiztus (F.) and Geotomus inttusus Wgn.) The rest of the taxa are new to the island where they were collected or are of special interest for being rare or little documented endemic species. Dicyphus (s. str.) baezi n. sp. is icluded in the D. (s. str.) hyalinipennis – group, due to the fact that the second segrnent of the antennae is only 1.1 times bigger than the pronotum posterior edge. It is similar to D. (s. str.) eckerleini Wgn, but the latter is much smaller and has different parames. Although they have similar feature, looking at their subgeneric characteristics, it is clearly different from D. (Idolocoris) pallidicomis (Fb.) v. stotti Ch.

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MZ volum 07 1981 (1983) mz