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Sobre la nematofauna muscícola del bosque betuláceo escandinavo

Gadea, E.


In this paper the moss inhabiting nematofauna of scandinavian Betula forests is studied. Samples were collected during the summer of 1982 by Prof. Dr. J. Gosálbez and Lic. G. Gotzens.
The muscineous milieu of the betulaceous forests of Scandinavia is of boreal atlantic type and differs notoriously from that of the centroeuropean and mediterranean high mountains coniferous forests. Its nematofauna appears very homogeneous in its general features, but poorer in specific composition, with evident predominante of the phytodetritophageous and saprobiontic forms, in detriment of the bryophageous and predatory ones. The omnipresent and absolutely dominant species is Plectus cirratus, wich, with Tylenchus davainei and Eudorylairnus carteri, constitutes the significative and representative nematic elements of this scandinavian biotope.

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MZ volum 07 1981 (1983) mz