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Estudio taxonómico de Mus spretus Lataste, 1883 del norte de Marruecos

Palomo, L. J., AntÚnez, A., Ibáñez, C., Vargas, J. M., SansComa, V.


Taxonomic study of Mus spretus Lataste, 1883, fiom North Morocco
The taxonomic position of north African Mus spretus Lataste, 1883, is analyzed on the basis of a sample (n= 66) from the vicinity of Tetouan (Morocco), in relation to a sample from Màlaga (Spain). Taking into account the coloration, craniometry and zygomatic coefficient, the subspecific status of north African Mus spretus, in relation to the european forms, is discussed. It is concluded that any taxonomic and, so, any nomenclatural differentiation between these forms cannot be established.

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Taxonomy, Mus spretus, Craniometry, North Morocco, Iberian Peninsula

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