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Aplicación del método de inclusión en glicol metacrilato al estudio histológico de los invertebrados

Bonet, S., Molinas, M.


[:en]The use ofglycol methacrylate for histological manipulation of invertebrates Glycol methacrylate (GMA) can be used as an embedding medium in substitution of paraffin in routinary laboratory techniques. The possibility to infiltrate and polymerize at room temperature results in better preservation of the tissue morphology. It is a simple method of preparing 0.5 to 3 micrometer sections of large tissue blocks. Many histological and histochemical staining procedures can be easily applied. The reagents are: Hydroxyl ethyl methacrylate, 2-butoxyetanol, N-N dimethyl aniline, benzoil peroxide and polyetilen glycol 400.

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Histology, Glycol methacrylate, Invertebrates

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MZ volum 10 (1986) mz