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Clave de la identificación de las esponjas más frecuentes de la Península Ibérica

Uriz, Mª J.


Key of identification of the more frequent sponges from the Iberian Peninsula
A dichotomic key of classification of the more frequent sponges (116 species) that can be found at the Iberian littoral (80 Demospongia, 32 Calcarea and 4 Hexactinellida) is presented. All cited species, but freshwater ones, were collected by the author. Geographical and bathymetric distribution and an index of its abundance based on personal and literature data is added for every treated species. Outside shape, spicule-and fibers shape and skeletal arrangement are employed to differenciate taxa (spicule size was avoided in order to simplify the diagnosis). This first general key in spite of its handicaps, can be a help for marine ecological studies in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Sponges, Dichotomic key, Systematics, Iberian Peninsula

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MZ volum 10 (1986) mz