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Densidad y riqueza de aves en comunidades nidificantes de la Península Ibérica

Potti, J.


Density and diversity of breeding bird communities of the Iberian Peninsula
A review of density and diversity in Iberian breeding bird communities is made. In Spain as a whole, density is highest in the broad leaved woods, though much váriation exists presumably dueto differences both in management and productivity in the bioclimatic gradient. A trend seems to exist towards highests densities in northern and montane communities, the lowest total abundance being attained by those in dry habitats of lowland Mediterranean stages. Diversity in the S. Central mountains shows variations linked to the elevational gradient and horizontal patchiness of habitats. Species richness and total abundance are closely correlated. Successional proccesses are shown and briefly discussed.

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Bird communities, Density, Diversity, Succession, Sistema Central, Spain

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MZ volum 10 (1986) mz