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Desarrollo embrionario en el lenguado, Solea vulgaris (Quensel, 1806) (Pisces, Soleidae)

Ramos, J.


[:en]Description of the embryonic development of the Sole Solea vulgaris (Quensel, 1806) The present paper deals with the embryonic development of the embrionic of Sole (S. vulgaris) from the western Mediterranean sea. Eggs were obtained from breeders previously treated with gonadotropic hormones and well adapted to captivity conditions. Incubation of eggs was done at 20 +/- 1°C and with a salinity ranging between 33 and 75. The eggs of Sole are pelagic, traniparent, espherical and have a great ammount of smail lipid droplets linked to each other forming a big body that surrounds the periphery. The size of these eggs fluctuates between 1.0-1.2 mm. Hatching took place after 40 to 44 hours at 20 +/- 1ºC.

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Embryonic development, Sole, S. vulgaris. Mediterrancan sea

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