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Estudio de caracteres y congruencia entre clasificaciones de Tropidurus etheridgei y T. caralanensis (Lacertilia, Iguanidae) del área templada de América del Sur

Gudynas, E.


Study of chavacters and congruence between classifications of two lizard species (Tropidurus etheridgei nnd T. catalanensis) from ternperate South America (Lacertilia, Iguanidae)
Geographically arranged sarnples of T. etheridgei and T. catalanensis were studied by an analysis of characters (including Principal Factor Analysis) and a comparison of classifications. Three kinds of characters were used: meristic, rnetric and ratios, which showed high values for group correlations. A basic classification was prepared and cornpared with alternative classifications. It is concluded that increasing the number of characters, although it provides new inforrnation, it also adds redundant inforrnation that rnay distort the results. It is pointed out the need for the analysis of characters and for a balanced number of them.

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Character analysis, Congruence, Classification, Lacertilia, Iguanidae

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MZ volum 10 (1986) mz