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La célula flamígera en trematodos: ultraestructura en el esporocisto y la cercaria de Protoeces maculatus (Digenea, Fellodistomatidae)

Ferrer, J. R.


The fiame cell in Trematoda: ultrastructure in the sporocyst and cercaria of Proctoeces maculatus (Digenea, Fellodistornatidae)
This study deals with the ultrastructure of the flame cell in the sporocyst and cercaria of Proctoeces maculatus (Trematoda, Digenea, Fellodistomatidae). In the cercaria, the flame cell has about seventy cilia and a few ribs; the peripheral ribs interlace with the ribs sent out by the plasmalemma from distally-located cell which is next to the ascending collector duct. This constitutes the filtration system of the flame cell, also known as the “weir apparatus” (Kummel, 1959). At the same time, this apparatus forms internal subperpendicular projections or internal leptotriches which maintain the barre1 shape of the cavity where the basal zone of the cilia boundle is located. The sporocyst flame cell has considerabily more cilia, between three and four hundred, as well as more ribs, which are distributed in several rows. The “weir apparatus” has alternately internal and external ribs and coming out from them are subperpendicular cytoplasmic projections or external leptotriches which extend into the wide cavity of the sporocyst parenchyma where the flame cell is located.

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Proctoeces maculatus, Sporocyst, Cercaria, Flame cell, Ultrastructure

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