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Larvas de anguilliformes capturadas en el Atlántico Sudoriental

Fortuño, J. M., Olivar, M. P.


Larvae of Anguilliformes caught in the Southeast Atantic
Leptocephali eel larvae of Nemichthys scolopaceus, Leptocephalus holti, Ariosoma sp., Gnathophis mystax, Ophisurus serpens and other Ophichthidae larvae, were found in the Eastern Atlantic between 1981 and 1984. The descriptions of the specimens found are presented. A comparison between them and the ones previously described as well as a discussion about the identity of the larvae is included. It is the first time that larvae of Leptocephalus holti have been found in this region. The larva of Ariosoma sp. could belong to a species that has not been described neither as larva nor as an adult.

Paraules clau

Leptocephali, Eel, Eastern South Atlantic

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