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Aves limícolas (Charadrii) en un embalse del centro de la peninsula ibérica durante un ciclo anual: zonas interiores vs. zonas litorales

Avilés, J. M., Parejo, D.


Waders (Charadrii) in a reservoir in the centre of the lberian peninsula throughout the year: inland wetlands vs. coastal wetlands
The structure and dynamics of wader assernblages in a reservoir in the centre of the lberian peninsula (Los Canchales, Badajoz, SW Spain) was studied over a one-year period. The comparison between these assemblages and others from inland and coastal wetlands of the peninsula is analysed. The highest number of birds in Los Canchales reservoir was registered during the migration periods. This pattern fits that observed in other inland wetlands with slow waters, but is different from the pattern observed in inland rivers, probably dueto the smaller available surface for the majority of these species. The occurrence of Vanellus vanellus in inland wetlands brings about the dominance of the Charadriidae in contrast with coastal wetlands where the Scolopacidae is the dominant family as a result of the great numbers of birds of the Calidris genus.

Paraules clau

Waders, Reservoir, Inland, Annual dynamic, Charadrii

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